Our Mission:


Powerful dreams. Empowering the youth. Uplifting our communities.



Our Mission

We strive to increase the opportunities for the youth in our society who would otherwise be forgotten. Providing educational support and developing tangible skills that have a positive effect for both the families being helped and the communities they work within.


Our Programs


educational development

Developing knowledge of personal finance and teaching fundamentals to investing and how to protect your finances for the future.

Career Development

Giving youth the proper tools to help evaluate and plan their employment future, as well as expanding their job related skills and knowledge.

Athletic development

Providing funding and supplies for athletic programs. As well as creating opportunities to help our athletes develop and showcase their skills as we prepare them for their upcoming or their transition to the next level.

community outreach

Bringing events and improvement into our community to raise morale and refresh the sense of pride and remove the stigmas in our neighborhoods.


Get Involved

Looking for an opportunity to give back or help the youth in the city of Richmond? Dreamers Academy Foundation Inc. thrives because of its generous supporters.

If you want to make a difference for students in the community, there are many ways to get involved.


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We create a community for young people where academic success is attainable, not just aspirational. Our programs are supportive and inclusive, inspiring students to believe in their abilities and to feel like they truly belong.

Volunteer opportunities

We spend every day working to provide a better future for our youth in Richmond. You can advance our mission. Please join us in a way that is meaningful to you.

Make a Donation

Our mission is simple: to narrow the achievement and opportunity gaps for under-resourced youth. As we grow, we continue to need your help.


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